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Rad am Ring honors the trend towards motor supported cycling by hosting an Enduro race for eMountain bikes – and it gets prominent support. Former pro cyclist Mike Kluge, trial bike pro Stefan Schlie and mountain biker Nicola Rohrbach will be at the starting line. The course, however, also offers ideal conditions for beginners who want to give cross-country eBiking a try.

The eBike sector is booming, from the year 2013 to 2014 alone it grew by 17 percent to a 12 percent market share. Also young, sports oriented riders are increasingly attracted by bikes supported by an electronic motor, especially since variations like eMountain bikes have entered the scene.*

Rad am Ring takes account of this trend and expands its cross-country offers by a very special event. In 2016 there will be another event for eBikers, epowered by Bosch, besides the 24 hour race: eBike Enduro race is a new format for pedelecs with ten stages on an exclusive terrain, the Offroadpark near Nuerburgring.

“We want to offer sustainable mobility solutions that provide people with a clear added value and are fun. eBike competitions are part of this concept”, explains Claus Fleischer, Head of Product Section Bosch eBike Systems. “We consider this race an exciting option for riders who do not want to spend 24 hours, but only about 24 minutes on the saddle and meet various challenges. We are convinced that eBike Enduro race will be well received.”

In the park and on the territory next to it there will be five stages signposted that have to be ridden two times each adding up to an overall race time of approximately 25 minutes. At start and finish line respectively individual race time will be recorded via chip. “At Offroadpark Enduro riders find everything an off roader’s heart may wish for: small single trails, artificial obstacles like tree sections and water crossings”, enthuses Course Manager Sven Schreiber. “We orientated ourselves on classic Enduro races with the small difference that this race also leads uphill.”

The course of the inaugural race is designed in such way that also beginners will be able to ride it. As it is forbidden to enter the circuit in advance the first round will be a “blind flight” for all participants, no matter whether World Champion or greenhorn. “It is above all about finding the best line, the speed is what makes it difficult”, Schreiber explains the basic idea of the Enduro race. “Pros will probably ride the course at full speed, beginners will rather go slowly.” It will be an exciting event anyway.

Not only because you hardly ever get the opportunity to ride on the same track as a World Champion, Mike Kluge. “What I like about eBiking is that I am almost as fast as I was during my pro career”, he says. “I have no pressure to win anymore, but I will certainly not give away a position or leave my line if I don’t have to.”

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About Rad am Ring

Rad am Ring is a cycling event which has taken place at Nuerburgring since 2003. The course leads through the very modern Formula 1 arena and over the legendary Nordschleife. In 2016 Offroadpark near Nuerburgring will be the third extraordinary race location. Highlights are the 24h races on the traffic free, partly lit race course and the team quarters in the pit lane. Furthermore a pro race of the category 1.1 will take place this year. Besides the ultra- and the long-distance event several amateur races, a time trial and some bike rides without timekeeping will be held at 2016 Rad am Ring. The amateur races are part of German Cycling Cup, Germany's largest series of amateur cycle races.