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The appointment for the 30th Maratona dles Dolomite-Enel is set for Sunday 3rdJuly 2016. But the race to ensure a place in one of the loveliest rides in the world has started with pre-registration: from Wednesday 14thOctober to 4thNovemberyou can also send your request to take part solely to www.maratona.it.

The formula is always the same: the draw, which traditionally includes half Italian cyclists and half from other countries, will take place in the second half of November. To be precise there are 5,000names, while the other spaces (the maximum number is set at 9,000 participants) are divided into those who have the right to take part, official Maratona Tour Operators and more expensive registration where proceeds are donated to charity.

The three routesare also the same: the Maratona(138 km and 4230 m elevation difference), Medio( 106 km and 3130 m elevation difference) and the Sellaronda( 55 km and 1780 m elevation difference). As always they will start in La Villa and finish in Corvara, and are broadcast livefrom 6.15 am.


The pre-registrations are a real contest within a contestwhich creates new records every year. Last year there were over 31,000 requests from 71 countries.On 24thNovember, only at www.maratona.it, the first 193 registrations at an increased price will be made available for those who have not managed to find a place. The second batch will go on sale on 24th March 2016 with the last 193 registrations, also at an increased price.

The Maratonahas had a growing success on the roads of the Dolomites, especially among those from other countries. For example, last year there were over 1000 participants from the UK. But the large number of cyclists on the roadduring the whole summer season bears witness to the development of bike tourismon Dolomite roads. This has always been the aim of the Maratona, since its inception 30 years ago: to raise awareness of a new kind of mobility, one that is slower and less polluting, more respectful of the mountains and more silent and discrete.

The Maratonaalso stands out for another extremely important reason: charity. Thanks to the introduction of more expensive registrationthe Maratonabrings hope and concrete aid worldwide. In particular, the beneficiaries are the “Insieme si può”NGO Charity Association (www.365giorni.org), Assisport Alto Adige(www.sporthilfe.it) and the Alex Zanardi Association BIMBINGAMBA(www.bimbingamba.com).


To celebrate 30 years of the Maratona dles Dolomites –Enelwe have decided to renew the event logo. We have done this by following the outline of the mountains that have always surrounded us, because the mountains are our home and the Dolomites are our heart. In the skilful hands of Manuel Bottazzo, the new logo symbolises a long journey of sweat, passion, dreams and madness… because you had to be a bit mad to imagine a bike Maratona through the Dolomites 30 years ago. The result is a monogramwith the Mthat represents not only the M of Maratona, but also the M of mountainwith its continual ascents and descents and its passes to cross, one after another. There is a special feature: if you look carefully, the top right-hand part of the Mrepresents the last two challenges of the Maratona: his majesty the Giau, where everyone signs their adventure in the Maratona, offering the most exciting moments; and the Valparola, because in that long, straight line that is always sunny(even when it is raining!) every rider finally has the end in sight, begins to smile and dreams of the well-earned descent towards the finish line.

The monogramis strong, powerful and geometrically perfect, but inside it has a heart of tremendous colours that represents these places. We want this to be closer to cyclists in particular and to responsible tourists in general.


The partnership with Castelli continues with an important new feature: the company, which in coming years will become an increasingly important partner for the Maratona, has created two new models for the 30thanniversary race pack, one for menand one for women. These are devoted to the thousands of womencyclistswho increase year after year, bringing with them enthusiasm, passion and positive energy that infects all the participants.


The theme chosen to celebrate the 30thanniversary of Maratona dles Dolomites –Enel is the journey.
A journey of discovery, a journey of dialogue, of influences and of healing. In fact, we began many years ago and we have never stopped and for us the Maratonais truly a long journey that has never ended.

The journeyhas always been at the centre of humankind’s experience. A journey is a discovery of new places, environments and spaces, but it is also dialogue, enrichment and influence. However, the most important journey we make is within ourselves.
We are made up of relations. We are relations with others. Sometimes a journey can be healing and taking care of life’s wounds. A journey makes us light, free from care, breaks our bonds and reduces everything to what is essential.

What really counts is a journey towards beauty,which is invisible to an unobservant man. Beauty can be found within us if we embody it. Searching is already finding.

Our heartfelt best wishes to all of you… we hope our time on this journey is one of forgiveness and simple, real things, like silent steps in the mountains, hopes and dreams that never end.
Have a good journey.

Keep in touch, there are plenty of surprises in the coming months.