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German pro road cyclists achieve good results, but there are less and less top-level races in Germany. Rad am Ring wants to take countermeasures with the support of GROFA – House of Brands® by means of a UCI category 1.1 race named after the last German World Champion on the Ring, Rudi Altig Race. “An inaugural race that has potential to become a classic”, as Rad am Ring race director Alexander Donike reckons – and a race that according to Team Stoelting manager Christian Große Keul “offers national riders the opportunity to present themselves in their home country.”

Bayernrundfahrt: cancelled. The pro race at the Velothon in Berlin: cancelled. Pro cycling in Germany is of increasing interest again due to good race results, but there are hardly any races where riders can present themselves in front of a home audience. Rad am Ring wants to take countermeasures, supported by GROFA – House of Brands®.

The UCI category 1.1 race is ambitious with its all in all 140 kilometers and 3,500 vertical meters on legendary Nuerburgring Nordschleife and Grand Prix circuit. A challenge for pro teams like Pro Continental Team Stoelting, but first of all an opportunity: “We are very happy about new races in which we can represent our sport in our home country”, enthuses Christian Große Kreul, team Stoelting’s General Manager.

The race is given special charm by its name giver who was associated with the Ring since his triumph at the 1966 World Championship: Rudi Altig who until his death on June 11, 2016, was convinced that winning a race in Gruene Hoelle (Green Hell) was “something very special”.

This inaugural race has potential to become a classic, reckons race director Alexander Donike, as the course with its many uphill and downhill passages demands everything from the riders. “I think it is a course for allrounders, they can be successful there. I would not necessarily expect a mass sprint, therefore I think that riders with a certain basic speed and strong legs will be able to cope best with the topography and therefore have the best chances to win”, forecasts Ralf Denk of Team Bora-Argon 18 that will participate in this race as well. He considers national events the foundation for successful cycling in Germany.

“This is an exciting new road we are taking. I am very happy and grateful that Rad am Ring gets unexpected opportunities due to GROFA’s support”, states Hanns-Martin Fraas, Head of Organization. “Thanks to this cooperation we have planning security for the next few years and chances are that this race becomes an established part of the pro race calendar.”

And an opportunity to remember name giver Rudi Altig every year in a very special way.

For further information please go to www.radamring.de

About Rad am Ring
Rad am Ring is a cycling event which has taken place at Nuerburgring since 2003. The course leads through the very modern Formula 1 arena and over the legendary Nordschleife. In 2016 Off-Road-Park near Nuerburgring will be the third extraordinary race location. Highlights are the 24h races on the traffic free, partly lit race course and the team quarters in the pit lane. Furthermore a pro race of the category 1.1 will take place this year. Besides the ultra- and the long-distance event several amateur races, a time trial and some bike rides without timekeeping will be held at 2016 Rad am Ring. The amateur races are part of German Cycling Cup, Germany's largest series of amateur cycle races.