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Following the successful test event last winter, Switzerland is set to host a brand new racing challenge: TORTOUR Cyclocross is the first multi-day cyclocross and gravel stage race in the world and premieres in Schaffhausen from 12 to 14 February 2016, organised by TORTOUR GmbH. The new ultra-format covers a distance of 202 km and an elevation gain of 3,230 m across demanding terrain in challenging winter conditions, divided up into a prologue and two long stages.

TORTOUR Cyclocross is a tough challenge – the first multi-day ultra cyclocross and gravel race in the
world requires participants to have a high level of technical skill as well as the stamina to withstand
temperatures around zero degrees, snow and mud. After a 13 km prologue on Friday, participants
will have to overcome distances of 99 km on Saturday and 90 km on Sunday. The course leads
through woodland, crosses meadows and fields, and includes few stretches on tarmacked roads. The
participants will also have to reckon with obstacles including steps and tree trunks lying across the
track. Cyclists can race solo or in teams of 2 or 4.

Ultra-racing in winter
“With TORTOUR Cyclocross we want to offer passionate endurance cyclists an innovative ultraformat
race in winter, too,” explains founder and event organiser Joko Vogel. “In the US, gravel road
racing has been popular for a long time – not least because it combines the technical skills required
for road racing and for mountain biking, which makes the discipline appealing to fans of both. The
length of this ultra-format adds an exciting new dimension. The test run got participants very excited
indeed, and now we look forward to hosting a challenging event on a fantastic route with some
electrifying finishes!” So the new race format again promises powerful emotions at the close of the
cyclocross season.

All-inclusive package
TORTOUR Cyclocross starting positions are limited and are sold as part of an all-inclusive package,
which includes accommodation, all meals (as well as provisions during the race), and other
amenities. Athletes can take part in the race on cyclocross bikes or mountain bikes. All information
about the race can be found at www.tortour.com, where you can also register.