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Cyclocross is the first multi-day cyclocross and gravel stage race in the world and premieres in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, from 12 to 14 February 2016. The new ultra-format covers a distance of 202 km and an elevation gain of 3,230 m across demanding terrain in challenging winter conditions, divided up into a prologue and two long stages. As preparation for the world premiere, TORTOUR Cyclocross is offering two exclusive cyclocross technique trainings, guided by
mountain bike and cyclocross pro Florian Vogel. The first training session took place last Saturday in Zurich.

It is the afternoon of 12 December 2015 and around 20 well-wrapped-up figures are gathered outside in the cold in front of Dolder sports centre overlooking Zurich. Their goal: to hone their cycling skills. In the middle of winter? That’s right! They are here to participate in an afternoon cyclocross technique training session with pro Florian Vogel in preparation for the new ultra-race TORTOUR Cyclocross. After a short welcome from the friendly professional and the TORTOUR organising committee, it’s off to the practice area. Riding either cyclocross or mountains bikes, the participants were taught the basics of off-road cycling, including how to take curves, hopping on and off the bike quickly and shoulder their bikes correctly – all in a fun, laid-back atmosphere. Techniques that come so easily to Florian Vogel posed a real challenge for many of the participants. But on the short ride that completed the session, all were able to showcase their new skills and complete the course with flying colours.

Huge success

“The technique training was really great!” enthused participant Soren Mose. “Florian is really nice. He demonstrated everything really clearly and was a great teacher. Even though I already had some background knowledge, I still gained a lot from today. On top of that, the atmosphere in the group was excellent and the event insiders that were there gave us some really exciting information about the new TORTOUR Cyclocross race. It was a huge success!” And what is Florian Vogel’s motivation for offering the training? “I’ve been offering coaching sessions like these for a while now and would like to do more in this area,” says the professional cyclist. “TORTOUR Cyclocross is a really special event. The organisers have come up with a long-overdue and yet globally unique race format. It is therefore an honour for me to lend my support to such an event by sharing my professional knowledge. It also brings me an enormous amount of pleasure to see the
participants leave my training sessions having mastered the necessary techniques. That is motivation enough.”

Second technique training session on 30 January 2016

The second technique training session with Florian Vogel will take place on 30 January 2016, once again in Zurich. To make sure that the training is as beneficial as possible, participant numbers are limited to 20 people. There are currently still places available. Cost: CHF 90 per person. For further
details and to register, visit: www.tortour.com/. Register for the TORTOUR Cyclocross winter adventure Registration for the first multi-day ultra cyclocross race in the world, TORTOUR Cyclocross, taking place from 12 to 14 February 2016 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, is open until 31 January 2016. After a 13 km prologue on Friday, participants will have to overcome distances of 99 km on Saturday and 90 km on Sunday. The course leads through woodland, crosses meadows and fields, and includes few stretches on tarmacked roads. The participants will also have to reckon with obstacles including steps and tree trunks lying across the track. Cyclists can race solo or in teams of two or four, always keeping together. TORTOUR Cyclocross is a tough challenge: it requires participants to have a high level of technical skill as well as the stamina to withstand temperatures around zero degrees, snow and mud. Starting positions are sold as part of an all-inclusive package, which includes accommodation, all meals (as well as provisions during the race), and other amenities. Athletes can take part in the race on cyclocross bikes or mountain bikes. All information about the race can be found at www.tortour.com, where you can also register.

Film teaser to the ultra cyclocross adventure

If you can’t quite imagine what awaits you at TORTOUR Cyclocross, check out the event’s film teaser and witness all the emotion and adventure that this ultra-format winter race entails: